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After being approved as a COVID-19 Vaccine Provider, providers will be notified via email to onboard/enroll in VaccineFinder. Once you receive COVID-19 vaccine, providers must report weekly vaccine inventory by 5PM every Friday as required by CDC

Onboarding/Enrolling in VaccineFinder

  • Onboarding occurs in phases.
  • Providers will receive an email from with instructions for enrolling in VaccineFinder. This email is sent to the COVID-19 "organizational contact" as listed in Section A of the Provider Agreement. 
    • This is a unique link that will expire after 7 days.

Reporting Inventory to VaccineFinder

Public Display of Vaccine Location

It is optional for vaccine providers to display their location to the public. When supply increases, COVID-19 Vaccine Providers will have the ability to make their location publicly visible on VaccineFinder. This makes it easier for the public to locate vaccine and review how to make an appointment. NOTE: The default for all locations is “do not display to the public."

VaccineFinder Website & Contacts