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Vaccines During COVID-19

Updates to this website are ongoing to support you with resources for vaccinating in the context of COVID-19. Please check back frequently for newly added resources!

Photo of a little girl wearing a face mask. VAccines can save your child's life.

Communication Resources

Outreach to patients and families is extremely important during this time, emphasizing the importance of catching up on missed doses, reminders of maintaining routine vaccinations, and communicating measures taken at provider offices to keep patients and families safe during well-child and vaccine visits. Materials below may be used to support your practice in communicating with families, with an emphasis on social media communication and printed posters. Catch-up Toolkit -

  • This website provides messages and graphics to help spread awareness about catching up on childhood immunizations during the COVID-19 pandemic

AAP: #CallYourPediatrician Campaign

  • This campaign aims to reach parents with timely reminders that going to the pediatrician, even during COVID-19, is important and safe.
  • Sample texts, videos and photos sized for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest

CDC: Resources for Encouraging Vaccinations During COVID-19 Pandemic 

  • Key messages, social media posts, and a web feature, “Well-Child Visits are Essential”
  • Please consider using these materials in educational outreach to parents via your social media channels, newsletters, or website.

Vaccinate Your Family: Call, Don't Cancel: Talking to People about Vaccinations During the COVID-19 Pandemic

MI Hero for Health banner featuring five children dressed as super heroes.

MDHHS: #MIHeroForHealth Campaign

The focus of this campaign is to promote the importance of vaccination and especially getting caught up on doses that may have been missed due to COVID-19. Join us in sharing this message by using the social media hashtag #MIHeroForHealth, which emphasizes the fact that vaccination allows us to be a hero not only for our health but for the health of our Michigan communities. We all play a role in being a hero for health – from the healthcare provider taking measures to keep you safe for vaccine visits, to the family getting vaccinated to protect against vaccine-preventable disease and outbreaks. Be a hero – vaccinate.

  • Below are messages, posters, and images for use. Please utilize these messages across your social media platforms, using our hashtag "#MIHeroForHealth" and post flyers in public spaces. For sample social media messages, see CDC's website below!
  • Some posters will be available to order for FREE at
  • Additional materials are pending - please check back frequently
Back to School Shots - Now is the time

Back to School Vaccines – Now is the time to get caught up

Be a Hero For Health - Get Vaccinated

Be a Hero for Health

Certificate for Children - Certified Vaccinated Superhero Kid - image

Certificate for Children

Missed a Visit? Don't Lose Your Superpowers

Missed a Visit? Don't Lose Your Superpowers

Available to order for FREE at:

Have no fear - Your healthcare hero is here

Have no Fear

Power up by getting caught up

Missed a Visit? Power up by getting caught up!

Poster that says Don't Wait. Vaccinate!

Back to School Shots - Be a Hero for Health

Poster that says Get your back-to-school shots, no matter where learning takes place.

Back to School Vaccines – No matter where learning takes place

Protect yourself and your loved ones poster.

Protect Yourself and Your Loved Ones - Don't wait. Vaccinate!

VFC Info for Parents - Worried about the cost of shots

VFC Info for Parents - Worried about the cost of shots?

VFC Info For Parents 1 - General Information

VFC Info for Parents - Your child may be eligible for free vaccines

For more information about the VFC Program for providers: visit