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Education, Training and Resources

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Discover resources and tools to learn about and help manage your child's epilepsy 

Basics Learn about the basics of epilepsy, such as where to get support, training, clinical information, research.

Diagnosis & Treatment Find out how epilepsy is diagnosed and levels of care available for those with epilepsy.

Managing Epilepsy Explore guides and toolkits designed to help parents and youth manage epilepsy.

Toolkits & Apps Discover new and useful tools to track seizures, medications, and other epilepsy-related issues.

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For Youth

Hear from other youth about their experience through stories, radio episodes and videos at Got Transition

Manage & keep track of your seizures through online resources such as WebEase and Seizure Success

Meet other youth dealing with epilepsy through events sponsored by the Epilepsy Foundation of Michigan





For Parents & CaregiversTwo children with parents


These resources can help parents navigate their child's health care, manage their epilepsy, and cope with a new diagnosis...   

     Epilepsy & My Child Toolkit: A Resource for Parents with a Newly Diagnosed Child (English)

You Are Not Alone Parent Toolkit (Parents of Teens)

If Your Child Has Seizures: A Guide for Parents, Families & Caregivers from Johns Hopkins Medicine

Resource List (printable) for Parents of Children and Youth with Epilepsy from the Family Center for Children and Youth with Special Needs


Trainings specifically designed to help parents manage their child's epilepsy are offered by  Epilepsy Foundation of Michigan

Support and trainings are offered by the Family Center for parents and families to help parents successfully advocate for their child and access resources.

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