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Toolkits and Apps for Epilepsy


Many tools, guides, and smart phone applications have been created for both youth and parents to help manage seizures and epilepsy. Talk to your doctor about these and other tools to see what might work best for your situation.

CDC Parent’s Guide ~ You Are Not Alone

Materials on this website are geared toward parents of teens with epilepsy. The resources can be used to talk about the issues with the people who interact with you and your teen. Use it to learn how to support and encourage your teen to take charge and learn how to manage their seizures and their life.

Epilepsy & My Child Tool Kit (Newly Diagnosed)

Developed by the National Epilepsy Foundation, this printable toolkit is a resource for parents or caregivers whose child has recently been diagnosed with epilepsy. It contains information about epilepsy, managing epilepsy, daily life with epilepsy, life stages, and resource and forms.

My Seizure Diary

The National Epilepsy Foundation's My Seizure Diary is a self-management tool to help record, track and manage seizures and epilepsy. The Diary allows users to record medical history, seizures, medications, side effects, moods or other personal experiences.

Epilepsy Action Toolkit

The tools and information on this website were developed in the United Kingdom but may also be helpful to people living elsewhere.

Epilepsy Toolkit App for Smartphones

Epilepsy Society's smartphone app, with seizure diary and first aid information, is an interactive way to help you manage your epilepsy via your phone.

Seizures Success® and You!

This website helps people with epilepsy become active leaders in their own treatment, working hand-in-hand with doctors. These easy-to-use tools allow patients to create personalized reports of logged seizure activity and medication history that can be shared with their medical team.