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Home Repairs

State Emergency Relief assists with home repairs to correct unsafe conditions and restore essential services. Eligible home repairs may include repair or replacement of a non-functioning furnace, hot water heaters or septic systems. Check eligibility and apply online using MI Bridges

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Home Repairs Offered
Payments are made only if the repair(s) is essential to remove a direct threat to health or safety or is required by law or a mobile home park regulation. The repair(s) must restore the home to a safe, livable condition. This does not pay for improvements or nonessential repairs. In addition, the requirements listed below must be met. 

Energy-Related Furnace Repairs: Repairs are available with a lifetime maximum of $4,000 per family group. All energy-related repairs approved since 1/1/1978 count toward this maximum.

Non-Energy-Related Repairs:  All home repairs, except furnace repair or replacement, including hot water heaters and septic systems for client-owned housing, have a lifetime maximum of $1,500 per family group. All non-energy-related repairs approved since 12/1/1991 count toward this maximum.



To receive home repairs, the following conditions must be met:

  • Applicant must be the owner or purchaser of the home, or hold a life estate on the home with the responsibility for home repairs.
  • The home is the applicant's permanent, usual residence.
  • The home is not listed for sale.
  • The home is not in jeopardy of loss. Repairs will be denied if there is a house payment or property tax arrearage, unless a workable plan exists for paying the arrearage.
  • The ongoing cost of maintaining the home is affordable to the applicant (total housing costs cannot exceed 75 percent of the group's net income).