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Health Risk Assessment

A key feature of the Healthy Michigan Plan (HMP) is the Healthy Behaviors Incentives Program which encourages HMP managed care members to maintain and implement healthy behaviors.  

  • Beneficiaries work in collaboration with their health care provider to complete a standardized HMP Health Risk Assessment (HRA) and identify healthy behavior goals. 
  • Beneficiaries are expected to remain actively engaged in their health by establishing at least one healthy behaviors goal each year they are in the Healthy Michigan Plan.  
  • There is a Healthy Behavior incentive for beneficiaries who agree to address or maintain healthy behaviors on the Healthy Michigan Plan HRA, which can be a reduction in required cost-sharing.

The Healthy Michigan Plan HRA was revised and updated in 2018. The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services will continue to accept the previous version of the Healthy Michigan Plan HRA through 2018.

Note: The biometric portion of the HRA has been removed.  Relevant biometric data should be considered when selecting healthy behavior goals, but lab results no longer need to be documented on the HRA to improve ease of use.   

Health Risk Assessment Completion Instructions
Sections 1-3 of the Health Risk Assessment form will be completed by the beneficiary. If Sections 1-3 have not already been completed, have the beneficiary complete it during their office visit. Beneficiaries are not required to answer all of the questions in Sections 1-3 for the Health Risk Assessment to be considered complete.

Primary care providers complete Section 4. In discussion with the beneficiary, primary care providers should assess achievement of previously chosen healthy behavior goals, select a new goal for the upcoming year, and complete the provider attestation portion of the form.  All three parts of section 4 must be complete for the attestation to be considered complete.

Submission Instructions
Primary care providers should give the beneficiary a copy of their completed Health Risk Assessment, then submit the completed form by fax to 517-763-0200, or follow the submission instructions provided by the beneficiary's health plan.  Providers can also add the new HRA Provider Profile to their CHAMPS username and complete the HRA online in CHAMPS.

Before you fax:  HRAs submitted by fax should include the HMP HRA fax cover sheet.  It is REQUIRED that the beneficiary name and Member ID are on all pages of the HRA, and the beneficiary is currently enrolled in a Medicaid Health Plan.

Each health plan providing services to Healthy Michigan Plan members has an incentive for providers who complete and return the Health Risk Assessment form for their Healthy Michigan Plan patients. These incentives will vary by health plan. Contact the plans you participate with for details.

Further information regarding the HRA can be found in the Healthy Michigan Plan Chapter of the Medicaid Provider Manual.


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Healthy Behaviors Report
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