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Living with addiction or dependence and other health problems is hard and it makes understanding how to get help even more difficult. The Opioid Health Home simplifies everything for you. The Opioid Health Home is a recovery-centered benefit for Medicaid, Healthy Michigan Plan and MIChild enrollees. Our team of health care providers will work with you to coordinate, support, and help manage your recovery and other health care and social needs. With this extra support, you can take control of your care and forge a direct path to recovery. You can even choose a personal care coordinator to help you along the way.

If you meet the qualifying health conditions and live in one of the participating counties, the Opioid Health Home could be for you. The best thing to do to get more information is to call your Prepaid Inpatient Health Plan and ask about the Opioid Health Home. Your Prepaid Inpatient Health Plan is your Specialty Behavioral Health Plan. They can answer your questions about the program and how to best get the services it offers. Call or email your Prepaid Inpatient Health Plan using the information in this link.

What are qualifying health conditions?

You must be diagnosed with:

  • Opioid Use Disorder