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Adult Services Authorized Payments (ASAP)

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) utilizes the Adult Services Authorized Payments (ASAP) application as the claims entry system for personal care services authorized through the MDHHS or Community Mental Health (CMH). 



To receive the personal care supplement payment, the Adult Services Worker (ASW) or CMH case manager must determine eligibility.  The ASW or CMH case manager is responsible for the approval and authorization of payments.  Only the ASW or CMH case manager can enter or change the authorization. The beneficiary must be on active Medicaid for the AFC/HFA provider to receive the monthly personal care supplement.

CMH case managers will authorize payments for beneficiaries receiving services from CMH.  All other beneficiaries receiving Medicaid will be case managed by Adult Services. Notify the respective staff as soon as you take in a beneficiary who receives Medicaid.


Claims can be submitted by calling the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) toll-free number 1-800-798-1409 or through MILogin ( via the ASAP application. Claims submitted using the IVR will electronically generate a claim in the ASAP application.



Personal care supplement payment is issued after claim submission.


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