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Medicaid Blood Lead Testing Reports

All Medicaid enrolled children are considered to be at high risk for blood lead poisoning. In accordance with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services guidelines, Michigan Medicaid policy requires that all Medicaid enrolled children be blood lead tested at 12 and 24 months of age, or between 36 and 72 months of age if not previously tested.

Public Act 55 of 2004 required that by October 1, 2007, 80% of Medicaid enrolled children were to have been blood lead tested. MDHHS designed a report, the Medicaid Blood Lead Testing report, to monitor compliance with this law.

The report provides monthly blood lead testing rates for managed care enrolled children, fee-for-service children, and CSHCS/Medicaid dual enrolled children. County specific data are also provided. The report focuses on testing levels for two and three year old children, as well as all children between one and six years old.

Health care providers are encouraged to review this report and determine lead testing rates for their service county/counties. Please contact the MDHHS Lead Poisoning Prevention Program at 517-335-8885 or at for information regarding lead testing opportunities in your county.

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