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Submitting a Request for Food Authorization

The Michigan WIC Program is continuing to evaluate new foods to be approved. If you are aware of a food item that meets current WIC Food Guide allowable criteria but is not scanning on your WIC-capable POS system, please submit a request for Michigan WIC to consider items using the form below.


Submission Instructions

The completed form may be sent via email or fax.


Review and Approval of Requests

The Michigan WIC Program will review the food submission request and determine if the product(s) meets the requirements to be added to the Approved Product List (APL). Submitted foods are not considered approved until they are added to the Michigan APL. Food items in food categories that are non-brand specific in the Michigan WIC Food Guide may be added to the Michigan APL immediately. Food submissions for brand-specific food categories will be considered for the next Michigan WIC Food Guide implementation date.


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