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Submitting a Complaint

General complaints may be submitted for a variety of program issues regarding WIC staff, participants, or Vendors.  For general complaints, fill out and fax the below WIC Vendor complaint form. 

WIC Vendor Complaint Form

Fax:  (517) 335-9514

The form is designed to capture information necessary for the Michigan WIC Program to best resolve the issue. It is best to fill out the form as completely as possible and include as much detailed information as possible, such as:

  • Nature of the issue;
  • WIC Vendor Name;
  • WIC Client name/ID number/card number;
  • Date and approximate time of occurrence;
  • Receipts, photographs of items, and POS error messages, if applicable.


To Report Suspected Fraud or Abuse:


Responding to Complaints and Reports of Fraud or Abuse:

The Michigan WIC Program will follow-up on the complaint or fraud allegation. For general issues, a state administrator will follow-up with the goal of resolving the issue. For Vendor complaints, the WIC Program may conduct an on-site monitoring visit or a compliance investigation. Depending on the violation, adverse action may also be taken.


 WIC Division, Vendor Relations Contact Information