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MiTEAM Practice Model

MiTEAM Practice Model image

In order to fulfill our mission, we must define how we will practice. The MiTEAM Practice Model guides Michigan’s child welfare system on what specific interventions and activities are expected to be delivered to the families we serve. MiTEAM is comprised of four core competencies; engagement, teaming, assessment, and mentoring. It is a trauma-informed approach to child welfare practice based on the fundamental belief that all children deserve to be safe from harm, raised in loving, committed families, and provided the kinds of supports to build their well-being.

MiTEAM Specialist

MiTEAM Specialists are leaders that embody best practice with a keen ability and desire to impact positive change around child welfare practices. MiTEAM Specialists have a clear understanding of the Department’s vision, advocate for our guiding principles, and are masters of the Key Caseworker Activities needed to successfully implement the mission of the Department. The MiTEAM Specialist will initiate routine opportunities to assist caseworkers in their office(s) as they apply social work skills in everyday child welfare activities. The intent of this is to encourage growth around caseworker’s knowledge, skills and abilities to improve safety, permanency and well-being for the children and families we serve.

“When families are engaged in decision making, and their team shares responsibility, children's outcomes improve.”

– modified from Casey Foundation