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Data Task Force

The purpose of the Data Task Force is to report on farmworker data and pursue funding for enumeration projects.

The 2006 MSFW Enumeration Profiles Study estimated the number of migrant and seasonal farmworkers and their household members in every county in Michigan. A nationally known consultant on migrant and seasonal farmworker issues, Alice C. Larson, Ph.D, authored the report. The 2006 study has been invaluable for informing resource allocation by MDHHS and other government agencies, as well as for research, grant writing, and business purposes by non-profit organizations, academia and the agricultural community.

In 2013, Larson returned to Michigan to perform an update to the 2006 study. The 2013 Update to the MSFW Profiles Study was released in August 2013. It revealed there are 49,135 migrant and seasonal farmworkers in Michigan and a total of 94,167 migrant and seasonal farmworkers and their accompanying non-farmworker household members.

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