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Birth Record Applications

Birth Record Applications

Applications to obtain a Michigan birth record.

Birth Certified Copies

A certified copy is printed on special safety paper and contains a raised, embossed seal. Records are available as early as 1867, however, the initial registration year varies by the county where the birth occurred -click here for table. Birth records are restricted in Michigan and only a person or parent named on the record or a court-appointed legal guardian of the person named on the record may request a copy of a birth record that is LESS than 100 years old. A legally licensed representative is eligible to request a copy if he/she represents the person named on the record. Power of Attorney documents may be used, depending upon the limitations of the power of attorney order. Each will be handled on an individual case-by-case basis. An heir may request a copy of a birth record LESS than 100 years old if they can provide an out-of-state death certificate or the death information if it was a Michigan death with the request. Requests placed by a legal representative, power of attorney, or heir must be ordered by mail with appropriate documentation. Anyone can request a birth record that is OVER 100 years old as they are no longer restricted documents.

Birth Senior Citizen Certified Copies

A person who is age 65 or older and applying for a certified copy of his or her own birth record is charged a reduced fee. The reduced fee does NOT apply to a senior citizen ordering a record for someone else.

Birth Authenticated Copies (Exemplified) w/Apostille

An authenticated (exemplified or containing an apostille) record is typically required by a foreign government for adoption, work visas, or establishing residency. An authenticated document is NOT needed for foreign travel. You must provide the name of the FOREIGN country where the document will be used. An apostille CANNOT be applied to a document that will be used in the United States.

Birth - Stillbirth

The Michigan Vital Records office issues certificates of stillbirth that occurred in Michigan with information filed after June 1, 2003 with the state. Michigan law limits who can receive a certified copy of a Michigan Certificate of Stillbirth to the parent named on the certificate or a court of competent jurisdiction (court order required).

Birth Verification

Key facts on any Michigan birth record can be verified. Anyone is eligible to request a verification of a Michigan birth record as long as the information to be verified can be supplied by the applicant. A verification does not include a signature, state file number or a copy of the birth record, but a stamp that indicates that a record is/is not on file in the state repository that matches the criteria supplied by the applicant. Parents names cannot be verified. Only the name on the record, date, place and date of filing can be verified.  Photo ID not required.