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About the Michigan Cancer Consortium

The Michigan Cancer Consortium is a statewide, inclusive, broad-based partnership of public and private organizations that provides a forum for collaboration (i.e., communication, coordination, and the sharing of resources) to reduce the human and economic burden of cancer among the citizens of Michigan.

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The work of the MCC is focused on achieving the Consortium's research-based, results-oriented goals. Membership in the MCC is open to organizations that have missions that are in line with its Goals and Maintenance Projects.  To become a member, organizations must agree to:

  • actively engage in one or more of the MCC Areas of Implementation;

  • provide annual reports about progress and accomplishments;

  • vote on MCC governing activities; and

  • engage in measurable cancer prevention and control activities in Michigan.

Who can join?

Any of the following types of organizations may apply for membership in the Michigan Cancer Consortium: 

  • community-based health care delivery systems and practices with cancer programs;

  • health care insurance plans;

  • health education/health research and evaluation;

  • key partner organizations;

  • organizations representing or serving hard-to-reach and/or special populations;

  • public health organizations; and

  • university-based health care delivery systems with cancer programs.

Through the dedicated, collaborative efforts of the stakeholder organizations that comprise the Consortium, Michigan is taking quantum leaps forward in reducing the very real burden that cancer places on the residents of our state.

Learn more

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