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BC3NP Billing & Reimbursement


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Below are BC3NP's program-approved procedures, rates, diagnosis codes, place of service and revenue codes.  BC3NP is a Federally funded program and not an insurance company.  Our rates are based on the Center's for Medicare Services (CMS) Detroit rate and our approved procedures are provided to us by our funder, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).  Rates are reviewed bi-annually, January and July, but are subject to change, at anytime, without notice.  If you have any questions, please contact Tory Doney at

2022 Federal Poverty Guidelines 

BC3NP Billing & Reimbursement Guide 

1-Page Reference Document for LCA Data Entry 


Paper Claim Submission Guidelines and Electronic Claim Submission Information
MDHHS - Claims
109 Michigan Ave; WSB - 5th Floor
Lansing, MI  48933
866-930-6324 - Phone 
517-763-0290 - Fax


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