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The Michigan Cancer Consortium

MCC Board of Directors

The Michigan Cancer Consortium (MCC) Board of Directors provides guidance according to its mission and vision. The Board of Directors promotes implementation of the state cancer plan, including MCC priorities, and embraces diversity in all aspects of its work. Board members have a formal affiliation with a MCC member organization and bring a unique set of cancer expertise, administrative skills, commitment, and experience to their role.


MCC Membership Organizations

MCC member organizations are required to be actively involved in the work of the consortium including implementation of the state cancer plan objectives and activities and reporting on these accomplishments by completing the MCC Annual Survey.


MCC Mission and Vision


MCC Accomplishments

The Michigan Cancer Consortium (MCC) was formed in 1987 to advise the state health department on its cancer control activities. Ten years later, 31 foundational organizations became a network of members to develop and implement a cancer plan for Michigan. Read here to learn about some of the many accomplishments of the MCC since then, and visit the membership list to see how the MCC has grown.


National Comprehensive Cancer Control Program

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) is funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as part of the National Comprehensive Cancer Control Program. MDHHS is one of 66 state, tribal and pacific island territory programs. CDC provides funding, guidance and technical assistance that programs use to design and implement a plan to prevent and control cancer. MDHHS is required to maintain a cancer consortium to develop, implement and monitor the cancer plan.