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Michigan Addiction Project

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The Michigan Addiction Project. The Addiction Project was aimed at helping Americans understand addiction is a treatable brain disease.HBO, and National Institute on Drug Abuse, the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation was part of a national partnership in 2007 between the

This effort resulted in nationwide airing of the HBO documentary "Addiction," in 2007, and numerous town hall meetings and house parties to mobilize communities around treatment and long-term recovery of individuals and their families.



The Bureau of Substance Abuse and Addiction Services (formally also known as the Office of Drug Control Policy) held a Legislative Briefing in June 2007, to inform policy makers and government leaders about recent advancements that the substance abuse services field had made in addressing drug and alcohol addiction. The links below contain updated information, similar to the handouts that were given to those who attended:


for the most recent Client Admission Data/Demographics, Treatment Outcomes, etc.Substance Abuse Annual Reports WebpageSee the






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