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What is the Dating Violence Youth Education Package?

Dating violence impacts thousands of teens each year. Fortunately, through 2001 legislation, the State of Michigan now provides better legal protections for victims of dating violence.

From a prevention and education viewpoint, however, responding to the startling reality of dating violence can be overwhelming. That is why the Michigan Domestic and Sexual Violence Prevention and Treatment Board (MDSVPTB) created the Dating Violence Youth Education Package (DVYEP) for educators and others working with youth as one option to address this very serious problem.

The DVYEP includes background information, lesson plans, educator sheets, student surveys and handouts, as well as a poster in both English and Spanish. It is designed for use in high school health classes, but is appropriate with any group of high school-aged youth. We encourage educators to partner with their local domestic violence program, as they may have a Dating Violence Prevention Program and are fully trained to respond to students who disclose abuse.

Working together, we can make a significant difference in the lives of Michigan's youth.

The Dating Violence Youth Education Package is provided in sections as follows:

  • Background Information: Describes the package and how to use it.
  • Lesson Plans: Contains lesson plans for presenting the material, either a 30-minute or 50-minute single session, or over a three-session period.
  • Educator Sheets: Provides additional background and suggested answers for questions on student surveys and handouts.
  • Student Surveys and Handouts: Contains all the student materials.
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