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Bassinets and Cradles

Bassinets and cradles are smaller beds for infants. When using a bassinet or cradle, it is recommended that you:

  • Only use the mattress sold with it.Bassinets and Cradles
  • Make sure it is in the locked position when your baby is sleeping if it has a rocking base.
  • Follow the manufacturer's recommended weight and age limits. Bassinets and cradles can usually be used until a baby weighs 15 pounds or until he begins to push up on his hands and knees or begins rolling.

Please note, if you are looking at bassinets online, many online stores will list a product as a bassinet even though it is not approved as one. You should always confirm with the manufacturer that the item meets the CPSC safety standards for a bassinet.

New federal safety standards for bassinets and cradles were put into place in 2013.