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Play Yards

A play yard has a floor and mesh or fabric sides. A play yard usually folds up. When using a play yard, make sure you:

  • Follow the manufacturer's instructions for set up. Test that the rails and floor are locked by giving it a few firm shakes.
  • Properly secure the mattress to the bottom of the play yard. Check the manufacturer's instructions on how to do this.
  • Only use the mattress sold with the play yard.
  • Follow the manufacturer's recommended weight and age limits.

 Safe Play Yard Photo  Play Yard with Accessories  Play yard with unsafe attachment   

Some play yards include accessory items that attach to the product, such as toy bars, bassinets, and changing tables. The bassinet attachment is safe to use for sleeping until your baby reaches the recommended weight or age limits for use.

Other play yards also have a removable seat attachment, sometimes called a napper or inclined sleeper. Despite the names of these attachments, they are not safe for sleep because they allow your infant to sleep on an incline. If your infant falls asleep in one of these attachments, he or she should be moved to a crib or other appropriate flat surface as soon as it is safe and practical.


New federal safety standards for play yards were put into place in 2013.