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Ionia   I-96 BS Grand River Avenue  from I-96 west to Kent Street
M-21 Bluewater Highway from Montcalm Avenue east to Lincoln
M-21 East Bluewater Highway from Fourth Street east to Hayden
M-21 Maple Street from Hayden east to the Maple River
M-21 East Bluewater Highway  from the Maple River east to Main Street
M-21 East Lincoln   from Lincoln Street east to Fourth Street
M-44 Belding Road   from Montcalm Avenue east to Dumon
M-44 State Street from Dumon east to Hawley Highway
M-44 Belding Road   from Hawley Highway east to M-66
M-50 Jordan Lake   from west Lake Odessa city limit to east Lake Odessa city limit
M-50 Tupper Lake   from Tupper Lake west to Nash
M-50   Nash from Tupper Lake east to Thompson
M-50 Thompson from Nash east to Kent/Ionia County Line
M-66 Dexter Street   from Grand River north to M-21
M-66 North State from M-21 north to Bricker
M-66 South State from Grand River to Eaton
Kent   I-196 BS Chicago Drive SW   from ramp to WB I-196 and Clyde Park Avenue
I-196 BS Franklin Street from Grandville Avenue to US-131
I-196 BS Grandville Avenue SW   from Clyde Park to Franklin Street
I-196 BS North I-196/Chicago from Exit 72 to Chicago Drive
I-296 East I-96/south US-131 from Alpine Ave Exit 31A to I-196
I-296 North US-131/I-96 from I-196 to west I-96
I-196 Gerald R. Ford from WB I-96/WB I-196 split west to Kent/Ottawa county line
M-11 28th Street SE from Division Avenue to I-96
M-11 28th Street SW from Division Avenue to Wilson Avenue
M-11 Ironwood Road NW from Wilson Avenue to 4 Mile Road
M-11 Wilson Avenue NW   from Lake Michigan Drive to Ironwood/Remembrance Road
M-11 Wilson Avenue SW   from Lake Michigan Drive to Wilson Avenue
M-21 East Fulton Street   from East Beltline west to Cascade Road
M-21 East Main Street SE   from West Street to Montcalm Avenue
M-21 Fulton Street E   from East Beltline east to West Street
M 21 West Fulton Street  from Scribner Street to Lake Michigan Drive
M-21 Old M-21/Chicago Drive from I-196 to 8th Avenue
M-21 West Fulton Street from East Beltline to Cascade Road
M-37 Alpine Avenue NW from 3 Mile to Old Alpine
M-37 Broadmoor Avenue SE   from M-11 south to Jasonville Road
M-37 Cherry Valley Avenue SE   from Jasonville Road to 108th
M-37 East Beltline Avenue   from M-11 to I-96
M-44 Webber from Webber north to Northland/ Plainfield cutoff
M-44 Belding Road   from Wolverine to Montcalm Avenue
M-44 East Beltline   from I-96 north to Webber
M-44 Northland Drive from Northland/Plainfield cutoff to Northland
M-44 Wolverine Boulevard from Northland to Belding Road
M-44 Conn Plainfield   from I-96 north to Webber
M-46 17 Mile Road NW   from US-131 to east Kent city limit
M-46 East State Street NW   from east Kent city limit to M-37
M-50 Alden Nash Avenue  from I-96 to 92nd Street
M-50 92nd Street from Alden Nash Avenue to Ionia/Kent County Line
M-57 14 Mile Road   from US-131 to Montcalm Avenue
M-6 Paul Henry Freeway (South Beltline) from I-96 west to Kenowa
US-131 I-296 from I-196 north to WB I-96
US-131 BR Division from Coldbrook to Oakes
US-131 BR Division/south US-131 ramp from Coldbrook to Oakes to SB US-131 ramp
US-131 BR Leonard Street   from US-131 to Plainfield
US-131 BR Oakes Street SW   from Division to US-131 SB ramp
US-131 BR Plainfield Avenue   from Leonard to Coldbrook
US-131 BR US-131 BR from Leonard to Plainfield to Division to Oakes to US-131 SB ramp
Mecosta M-20 8 Mile Road  from Newcosta east to US-131
M-20 Perry from US-131 east to Northland
M-20 Northland from Perry north to Maple
M-20 Maple from Northland east to 3rd
M-20 3rd from Maple to Taft
M-20 Taft from Millpond to 180th
M-20 180th from Taft to 15 Mile
M-20 15 Mile from 180th to 157th 
M-20 157th from 15 Mile to McKinley
M-20 McKinley from 157th to 120th
M-20 120th  from McKinley to 11 Mile
M-20 11 Mile from 120th to 80th 
M-20 Main   from 80th to Cass
M-20 Cass from Main to east Mecosta city limit
M-20 70th from east Mecosta city limit east to 9 Mile Road
M-20 9 Mile from 70th east to west county line
M-66 30th  Avenue from Meceola Road south to Eisenhower Road
Old US-131 Northland from Meceola Road south to Morley village limit
Old US-131 Cass from north Morley village limit to south Morley village limit
Old US-131 Northland from south Morley village limit south to Eisenhower
Old US-131 M-20 from Perry north to Maple
US-131 M-20 from 8 Mile Road north to Perry
US-131 US-131 from Eisenhower north to Meceola
US-131 BR 19 Mile Road   from US-131 east to Northland
Montcalm M-46 Howard City/Edmore Road from Edgar Road east to west Edmore village limit
M-46 Edgar Road   from West Edmore village limit west to US-131
M-46 Main   from West Edmore village limit east to Neff Road
M-46 Howard City/Edmore Road   from Neff Road east to Gratiot County Line Road
M-82 Howard City/Edmore Road   from US-131 west to Newaygo County Line
M-91 South Greenville Road   from Bricker Road north to south Greenville city limit
M-91 South Lafayette Street   from Washington south to south Greenville city limit
M-91 North Lafayette Street   from Washington north to Greenville West
M-91 County Road 506   from Greenville West north to north Greenville city limit
M-91 North Greenville Road   from north Greenville city limit north to Howard City/Edmore Road
Muskegon   I-96 Seaway Drive from US-31 to Airport Road on ramp
M-120 Holton Road from Whitehall Road east to Maple Island Road
M-120 Maple Island Road from Maple Island to 48th Avenue
M-120 Veterans Memorial from Holton Rd W to bridge over channel to Muskegon River
M-37 Apple Avenue from M-37 south to Waterloo Street
M-46 Apple Avenue   from Waterloo Street west to US-31 BR Muskegon Street
US-31 US-31 from Wilson north to Skeels Road
US-31 BR Colby Road   from US-31 west to Thompson
US-31 BR Muskegon Avenue   from Grand Street north to Pine Street  
US-31 BR Webster Avenue   from Pine Street south to Grand
US-31 BR Fruitvale Road   from US-31 west to Whitehall Road
US-31 BR Seaway Drive from Airport Road on ramp north to Grand
US-31 BR Thompson Street   from Colby Road north to bridge over White River
US-31 BR Dowling Street   from Bridge over White River to Water Street
US-31 BR Water Street from Dowling Street north to Eilers Street
US-31 BR Whitehall Road   from Eilers Street north to Fruitvale Road
Newaygo M-120 Maple Island   from 48th Avenue north to Sunset
M-120   Division Street from Sunset north to South Street
M-20 1 Mile from Smith Street east to M-37
M-20 Baseline Road from Catalpa east to Newcosta
M-20 South Street   from Smith west to west Hesperia city limit
M-20   Newcosta Avenue   from Baseline to 8 Mile
M-37 Jackson Street   from Evergreen west to Woodbridge
M-37 Evergreen from Jackson south to north White Cloud city limit
M-37 Mason Drive   from East Street south to north Grant city limit
M-37 Mason Drive   from south Grant city limit to Moore Road
M-37 Maple from south Grant city limit to north Grant city limit 
M-37 Woodbridge   from Jackson north to 18 Mile Road
M-37 Adams   from Washington Street north to Main
M-37 State Road from Main north to Evergreen
M-82 48th Street   from Maple Island east to Dewitt Street
M-82 Main   from Dewitt east to Stewart Street
M-82 Stewart from Main south to south Fremont city limit
M-82 Warner from south Fremont city limit to 72nd/Warner Cutoff
M-82 72nd     from Warner Cutoff east to west Newaygo city limit
M-82 Fremont   from west Newaygo city limit to Curve
M-82 Curve from Fremont Street west to State
M-82 82nd    from Mason east to Swan
M-82 88th from Swan east to County Line
Oceana M-20 South Street  from Division Street west to Hesperia village limit  
M-20 Hayes Street   from west Hesperia village limit to Oceana Drive
M-20 Stoney Lake Road from Oceana Drive west to Garfield Road
M-20 Garfield Road   from Garfield Road west to US-31
Old US-31 Oceana Drive   from Skeels Road north to McKinley Road
Old US-31 South Michigan Avenue   from McKinley north to Wilke Road
Old US-31 Oceana Drive   from Wilke Road north to Yale Road
Old US-31 1st Street from Yale Road north to north New Era village limit  
Old US-31 Oceana Drive   from north New Era village limit to south Shelby village limit
Old US-31 State Street from south Shelby village limit to north Shelby village limit
Old US-31 Oceana Drive   from north Shelby village limit to NB US-31
US-31 BR Polk Road   from US-31 east to Oceana Drive
US-31 BR North State Street   from Polk Road north to Johnson Street
US-31 BR Monroe Road   from US-31 west to 6th Street
US-31 BR 6th Street   from Monroe Road north to Hancock Street
US-31 BR Hancock Street   from 6th Street north to Hogan Street
US-31 BR Pere Marquette Highway  from Hogan Street north to US-31
Ottawa   I-196BL I-196 BL from I-196 to US-31
I-196BL Byron Road   from I-196 west to 84th Avenue
M-104 Cleveland Street   from Fruitport Road to WB I-96 on ramp
M-104 Savidge Street   from Fruitport Road to west end of bridge over channel to Spring Lake
M-11 Ironwood Drive from 28th Avenue to Kenowa
M-45   Lake Michigan Drive   from Ottawa/Kent county line to US-31
M-6 Paul Henry Freeway/South Beltline  from Kenowa to I-196
Old M-21 Chicago Drive   from Kenowa to Main Street
M-121 Chicago Drive   from Georgetown Township to Zeeland Township
US-31 Beacon Boulevard from Robbins Road north to Bascule Bridge
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