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County Route Local name Parameters
Alger M-28 Cedar Street from Munising Avenue/H-58 to south of Onota Street
M-28 Munising Avenue from Cedar Street to western Munising city limit
M-94 H-15 from M-28 south to Schoolcraft County line
Baraga M-28 Watton Road from Risku Road to Norback Road
M-38 State Avenue from Beartown Road to US-41
Chippewa I-75 BS 3 Mile Road from I-75 to Mackinac Trail
I-75 BS Ashmun Street from M-129/I-75 to Portage Avenue
I-75 BS Portage Avenue from Ashmun Street to Riverside Drive
I-75 BS Riverside Drive from I-75 BS to southeast of Mission Street
M-28 9 Mile Road East of I-75
M-48 22 Mile Road North of Pickford
M-80 Tone Road from Mackinac Trail to M-129
M-123 Front Street in Paradise
M-123 Deerfoot Road from Paradise to Trout Lake
M-129 Dixie Highway from 3 Mile Road to 9 Mile Road
M-129 Meridian Road/Street from Cedarville to Sault Ste. Marie
M-134 Ontario Street in the village of DeTour
Chippewa, Luce, Schoolcraft, Alger and Marquette counties M-28 Jacobetti Highway from M-123 in Chippewa County to eastern Negaunee city limit in Marquette County
Delta US-2/US-41 Ludington Street from North 30th Road to Lincoln Road
US-2/M-35 Lincoln Road from north Escanaba city limit to south Escanaba city limit
US-2 Water Plant Road  
Dickinson M-69 County Road 2  
M-95 Carpenter Avenue from Wisconsin State Line to Ludington Street
M-95 Ludington Street from Carpenter Avenue to US-2
US-8 Brown Street from Iron Mountain city limit to US-2
Gogebic US-2 Cloverland Drive from Wisconsin State Line to Ironwood city limit
US-2 Lead Street Within the city of Bessemer
US-2 Putnam Street Within the city of Wakefield
US-2 BR Aurora Street from Silver Street to Suffolk Street
US-2 BR Frederick Street from Suffolk Street to US-2
US-2 BR Suffolk Street from Aurora Street to Frederick Street
US-2 BR Silver Street from Wisconsin State Line to Aurora Street
Houghton M-203 Canal Road from Hancock city limit to Quincy Street
M-203 Pine Street from Calumet city limit to US-41 junction
M-203 Quincy Street from Quincy Street curve to US-41 intersection
M-26 10th Street
M-26 3rd Street
M-26 Baltic Avenue from Trimountain Avenue to Cemetery Road
M-26 Cemetery Street
M-26 Depot Street
M-26 Duncan Avenue from Golf Course Road to West 21st Street
M-26 Hecla Street from Lake Linden Avenue to School Street
M-26 Lake Linden Avenue from Wyandotte Street to South Hecla Street
M-26 Memorial Road from Green Acres Road to Portage Lift Bridge
M-26 Calumet Street from Bridge Street to 10th St.
M-26 Montezuma Avenue from Memorial Avenue to Franklin Square
US-41 Calumet Avenue from Michigan Technical University campus to Franklin Square
US-41 Front Street from north end of Portage Lift Bridge to Reservation Street
US-41 Hancock Street from M-203 to Reservation Street (southbound only)
US-41 Lincoln Drive from Hancock city limits to M-203
US-41 Calumet Street from Agent Street to Pine Street
US-41 Quincy Street from Reservation Street to Lincoln Drive
US-41 Reservation Street from Front Street to Quincy Street
US-41 Shelden Avenue from College Avenue (Franklin Square) to south end of the Portage Lift Bridge
US-41 Townsend Drive Within Michigan Technical University campus
Iron M-189 4th Avenue from Division Street to US-2
M-189 Selden Road from Iron River city limit to Division Street
US-2 5th Street from Crystal Avenue to south Crystal Falls city limit
US-2 Crystal Avenue from 5th Street to west Crystal Falls city limit
US-2 Adams Street Within the city of Iron River
Keweenaw M-26 Brockway Mountain Drive from Front Street to approximately 6 miles north of Eagle Harbor
M-26 Front Street from North Street to Brockway Mountain Drive
M-26 Sand Dunes Drive from Eagle River to Eagle Harbor
M-26 North Street from 7th Street to Front Street
Luce M-123 Falls Road from M-28 to Luce County Line
M-123 Newberry Avenue In the city of Newberry
Mackinac I-75 Mackinac Bridge from St. Ignace to Mackinaw City
M-117 Country Avenue In the village of Engadine
M-129 Meridian Road/Street from Cedarville to Sault Ste. Marie
M-134 Huron Shore Drive In the village of Cedarville
M-185 Lake Shore Drive On Mackinac Island
US-2 Lake Michigan Scenic Highway In Mackinac County
Marquette M-28 BR County Road from Lakeshore Drive to Davis Street
M-28 BR County Road 494 from Teal Lake Avenue to Silver Street
M-28 BR Division Street from Main Street to Silver Street
M-28 BR Main Street from US-41 to Canda Street
M-28 BR Greenwood Street
M-28 BR Jackson Street from Davis Street to Negaunee city limit
M-28 BR Lake Shore Drive from Jackson Street to Gold Street
M-28 BR North Lake Drive from US-41 to Main Street
M-28 BR Ready Street from Granite Street to Pearce Street
M-28 BR Silver Street from Ash Street to Boulder Street
M-28 BR Teal Lake Avenue from Boulder Street to Granite Street
M-35 Graphite Street from Missouri Road to north Palmer village limits
M-35 Iron Street from Pearce Street to Smith Street
M-35 Pine Street from US-41 Bypass south to Pioneer Road
M-35 Snyder Street from Furnace Street to US-41 Bypass
M-35 Stephenson Avenue from Walnut Street to 2nd Street
Menominee M-35 North Shore Drive from US-41 (10th St.) to 48th Avenue
US-41 10th Avenue from 10th Street to east of 15th Street
US-41 10th Street from 10th Avenue to 48th Avenue
Ontonagon M-38 Greenland Road from US-45 to M-26
US-45 River Street from Ontonagon Street to Steel Street
US-45 Rockland Road from M-26 to Ontonagon village limit
US-45 Steel Street from Ontonagon village limit to Old M-38
Schoolcraft M-94 Deer Street from 5th Street to Maple Street
M-94 5th Street from Deer Street to north Manistique city limit
M-94 Maple Street from US-2 to Deer Street
US-2 Lakeshore Drive from Chippewa Avenue to Manistique Street
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