Roadway Enhancements

  • New Lettering for Signs

    Research shows changing to the Clearview lettering provides a 26% increase in nighttime visibility.

    In this photo, the lettering on both signs is the same size, but the sign at left uses the national standard font. The sign on the right uses the "Clearview" font. MDOT has adopted this lettering as our standard for all newly upgraded freeway guide signs.

  • Countdown pedestrian signals

    These signals display the number of seconds before the walk signal changes.


    • Provide additional information to pedestrians, allowing them to judge whether they have time to cross the street before the signal change
    • Pedestrians can use this information to adjust their speeds


  • More Visible Traffic Signals

    Traditional traffic signals can get visually "lost" against the sky. Adding a black backplate and face has been found to increase daytime signal visibility by 33 percent. Adding a reflectorized border to the backplate enhances signal visibility even more - especially at night.

  • Brighter, More Visible Signs

    MDOT has adopted this sheeting as our standard for all our warning signs. As warning signs are replaced they will be done with the fluorescent yellow sheeting.