Office of Passenger Transportation

  • The Office of Passenger Transportation (OPT) administers MDOT's passenger transportation programs, including local and intercity bus and for-hire passenger regulation, to provide a safe and balanced statewide network of passengers transportation services to meet the social, safety, and economic well-being of the state.

    OPT, in cooperation with local and regional transit agencies, authorities, and companies, is responsible for the development and management of operating, capital and technical assistance programs and projects, for purposes of providing coordinated local public transit, marine passenger, and intercity bus transportation services and facilities statewide. OPT is also responsible for the regulation of intercity buses and limousines.

    Mission: Providing Michigan Citizens With The Best Passenger Transportation Services Through Quality Customer Assistance - We Move People.

  • Office Hours

    Monday-Friday 7:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
    Note: Employees may have alternative work hours.

  • Office of Passenger Transportation Contacts

Organizational Information

  • Program Administration Section

    Cata BusCoordinate the administration of local and intercity bus activities within the Comprehensive Transportation Fund for the OPT. Administer the department's motor bus and limousine credentialing duties and safety responsibilities prescribed by Michigan statues for OPT. Administer the Intercity Bus Program and manage all related contracts. Manage contract and specification development for the statewide vehicle procurement program for use by local transit agencies.

  • Transportation Services Section

    Provide assistance and oversight to over 135 public transit service providers, rideshare/vanpool providers, and passenger marine. Coordinate the administration of all federal and state transit programs. Administer procurement, maintenance and compliance oversight of agencies that receive federal funds from OPT.

  • Doing Business with OPT

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