Division Contacts

The Contract Services Division administers MDOT's contracting process including bid lettings, contract awards, contractor payments, prequalification of contractors to bid on MDOT projects, contract monitoring, and purchasing.

Division Administration

Carol Rademacher, Division Administrator
Rose Cousin, Executive Assistant, 517-373-4680 

CTRAK Core & Team

Ctrak is a software application that is intended to assist MDOT staff in the administration of consultant and services contracts.  Core team members, along with system users, MDIT staff, and representatives for the vendors who developed the system, are working together to ensure that the business processes included in the system are fully functional, and to assist users with the new system.

Kendra Spitzley, 517-373-3342
Kim Tran, 517-373-8229

Purchasing Unit

Responsible for the administration of the procurement of supplies, materials, equipment, services, printing, minor routine road maintenance and non construction/maintenance highway contracts. The unit's primary objective is to ensure the use of sound, prudent and consistent competitive bidding practices.

Laura Dotson, Purchasing Manager, 517-373-2134
Terry Harris, Buyer Specialist, 517-335-2507
Klatra Pickett, Buyer, 517-335-0071
Mark Morrison, Buyer, 517-241-2343
Susan Long, Department Technician, 517-373-4557


Construction Contracts

Section Managers 

Larry Strzalka, Manager, 517-373-1576
Heather Stinson, Supervisor, 517-335-4328
Linda Bretz, Secretary, 517-373-7325

Construction Contracts Prequalification Unit

Reviews financial statements, prequalification applications, and other data submitted by contractors. This information, with recommendations, is presented to the Prequalification Committee for establishing prequalification ratings for prospective bidders.

Heather Stinson, Supervisor, 517-335-4328
Theresa Myrick, 517-335-4442
Pauline Bouck, 517-335-4281
Fax: 517-373-3707

Bid Letting Unit

The Bid Letting Unit is responsible for advertising construction project information on MDOT's bid letting information web page and on the Bid Express web site, assists contractors with electronic bidding, and provides bid results and bid tabulations.  This unit also determines work classifications for the advertising of construction contracts and verifies wage classifications for bid proposals.

Heather Stinson, Supervisor, 517-335-4328
Kalene Curtis, 517-373-2341
Raquel Stuckey, 517-335-4572

Electronic Bidding and requests to bid

Kalene Curtis, 517-373-2341
MDOT-BidLetting@michigan.gov (1300 & 1381 form submittal)
Fax: 517-373-3707 or 517-241-4193

Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Requirement

Kim Farlin, 517-373-2170
MDOT-Awards@michigan.gov (DBE participation sheet submittal)

Contract Awards Unit

Responsible for procedures required to award a contract to the determined low bidder, including receipt of performance and lien bonds, insurance documents, federal concurrences (where applicable) and commission and administrative board approvals, as well as preparing award and acceptance reports.

Heather Stinson, Supervisor, 517-335-4328
Eve Fischer, 517-335-2357
MDOT-Awards@michigan.gov (Submittal of required documents)
Fax: 517-373-3707

Contractor Insurance

Connie Masseau, 517-373-8650
Fax: 517-373-3707


Chris Roe, 517-202-3716
MDOT-ConstructionSubcontracts@michigan.gov (Submittal of subcontracts)
Fax: 517-241-4193

Contractor Payments Unit

Processes estimates for completed construction work for payment to contractors along with filing lien claims and notices of furnishing.

Connie Kern, 517-335-2318
Sue Barger, 517-335-5906
Nathan Heath, 517-373-2386
Fax: 517-373-0403

Field Manager

Connie Kern, 517-335-2318
Fax: 517-373-0403

Service Contracts

Service Managers

Keith Simons, Manager, 517-373-2944
Michael Blackledge, Supervisor, 517-241-3752

Service Contracts Prequalification Unit

Responsible for administration of the service vendor prequalification process. The primary functions of this unit are reviewing, analyzing, and processing service vendor initial applications and renewal applications. Responsibilities also include administering and monitoring service vendor prequalification appeals.

Vacant - Analyst
Tammy Arnold, 517-373-6402

Scope Review and Selections Unit

Responsible for review and approval of all Request for Proposals, (RFP's), including the specific scope of work to ensure consistency, completeness and compliance with all MDOT and federal requirements. Ensures the timely advertisement of MDOT consultant services projects, as well as coordinates and monitors the selections of the consultants and the subsequent approval by MDOT's Central Selections Review Team.

Amy Meldrum, 517-335-0137
Lisa Brown-Whaley, 517-335-2848
MDOT-CSD-Selections@michigan.gov (Submittal of scopes)
Fax: 517-241-4193

Contract Administration Unit

Responsibilities include administration of the MDOT service contracting process, which includes standard and nonstandard service contracts, amendments and revisions. Determine and obtain all appropriate approvals including the drafting and review of contract documents and related materials. Conduct research and data analysis of legal contract documents. Provide training and assistance to MDOT project managers, support staff, and consultants/vendors. Also serves as technical advisor and liaison to MDOT staff regarding selections and contract administration of engineering consultant contracts.

Michael Blackledge, Supervisor, 517-241-3752
Jean Gould, 517-373-4468
Janice Harris, 517-373-4468
Nikki Moore, 517-373-2672
Kathy Royal, 517-241-4208
Dee Grover, 517-241-0193

Contract Support Unit

Responsibilities include support of the MDOT service contracting process, which includes service contract monitoring, reporting, subcontracting, consultant payments, and closeout of service contracts.


Lynne Chesbro, 517-335-2513
Bill Rottiers, 517-373-2895


Claire Carter, 517-373-2131


Shelli Hartley, 517-241-4209
Cheryl Hill, 517-335-5722
Jill Foreback, 517-241-3751
‚ÄčLaJone McClinton, 517-335-4972
Kevin Scheidt, 517-241-6927


Mary Lou Beecher, 517-373-9476
Robin DeBault, 517-335-1918
Lori Stornant, 517-373-229