Cass County Transportation Authority

Ms. Julie Hartman, 
Operations Manager
400 East State Street
Cassopolis, MI 49031
Phone: 269-445-2455
Fax: 269-445-2647




map showing provider location 
System Profile 
The Cass County system was started in 1988 under a state demonstration program.  Cass County was a major thorough fare for the Underground Railroad during the 1800's.   The transit system consists of eleven small buses operated in both the demand-response and semi-fixed route mode.  The service is operated by a private for profit company.  Oversight is provided by a transit coordinator. Overall administration is provided by a transit authority formed under Michigan P.A. 196.

System Characteristics 
Days/Hours of Operations: M-F  6:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Employees: 12