Saginaw Transit Authority Regional Services

Mr. Glenn Steffens, Executive Director
615 Johnson St. , 
Saginaw, MI 48607
Phone: 989-907-4000
Fax: 989-753-0144




map showing provider location 
System Profile  Saginaw Transit Authority Regional Services (STARS) operates nine fixed routes from the Rosa Parks Transfer Plaza in Saginaw. LIFT service providing origin to destination to Saginaw’s physically challenged and senior citizens. STARS also provides 24/7 dial-a-ride services known as EXPRESS. Our routes and services provide Saginaw Residents with access to jobs, medical care, education, recreational options, and more across the City of Saginaw and surrounding areas.


System Characteristics 

Days/Hours of Operations:

Days/Hours of Operations:

M-F Regular and Lift: 5:55 am – 8:55 pm

S Regular and Lift: 7:55 am – 1:55 pm

Express: 24/7


Employees: 87