Beaver Island Transportation Authority

Mary Cook, 
Executive Director
Beaver Island Transportation Authority
Post Office Box 426
Beaver Island, MI 49782
Phone: 231-448-3049



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System Profile 

The Beaver Island Transportation Authority was formed in 1993 to meet the needs of the traveling public between Beaver Island, Michigan and Charlevoix, Michigan. The Authority took possession of the M/V Emerald Isle in 1997 offering round trip passage between its two port cities, her service was added to the current M/V Beaver Islander, which is owned and operated by the Beaver Island Boat Company. On behalf of the Beaver Island Transportation Authority, the Beaver Island Boat Company operates the Emerald Isle. The Beaver Island Transportation Authority, which was incorporated by St. James Township, consists of a 5 member Board of Directors and meets monthly to plan, promote, and improve the transportation system for the greater Beaver Island Area.

System Characteristics   
Days/Hours of Operations: April - December

See complete schedule for operating days and times and number of trips at for most current information.
Employee(s): 1