Timeline Analysis

  • The following table provides a summary of the average number of calendar days for each step within the consultant contracting process for all contracts authorized between January - June 2019. This table is intended to provide guidance for the length of time the contracting process may take, based upon the contract tier, however, actual contracting timelines will vary based upon specific contracting conditions.

    Consultant Contracting Timeline Guidance

    MDOT CSD Timeline Analysis

    1 - Selection tiers are as follows: Tier I = $100,000 - $250,000; Tier II = $250,000 - $1,500,000; Tier III = $1,500,000 and over
    2 - Ad Board approval required for contract fees of $500,000 or greater
    3 - Time analysis represents calendar days not work days
    4 - Associated time attributed to central office
    5 - Associated time attributed to project manager


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