Birdhouses (On Interstate and Freeway Fence Posts)

Individuals  or  groups  occasionally  make  requests  to  the  Michigan  Department  of Transportation (MDOT) to place birdhouses within the Free Access or Limited Access Right-of-Way to provide a sanctuary for birds.   A recreational permit application is required through MDOT’s Construction Permit process.  A fee is not required.

Applicants must submit   an   individual   permit   application   package   through  the Construction Permit System (CPS) including the following:

  • Specific geographic location
  • A sketch showing type of birdhouses, how many and where the birdhouses shall be mounted


The specific location and design shall meet the following requirements:

  • Birdhouses shall be self-supporting and placed outside the Right-of-Way fence  or may be placed on MDOT’s Right-of-Way fence post;
  • The birdhouse owner must approach the State highway Right-of-Way fence from the adjacent property owner’s side; and
  • The permit number shall be placed on the birdhouse for identification purposes.

All construction permit applications are submitted and purchased through the MDOT Permit Gateway available thru MiLogin online system.

For more information on the construction permit process, visit  MDOT Right-of-Way Construction Permits