Section 5307 - Urbanized Area Formula Program

This is a formula grant program for urbanized areas (UZAs) with a population over 50,000.  Funds are apportioned to UZAs utilizing a formula based on population, population density, and other factors associated with transit service and ridership.  This program provides both capital and/or operating assistance to the eligible applicants.  Interested applicants must contact FTA for the submittal of their applications in addition to requesting state match through OPT’s annual application process.  MAP-21 allows Section 5307 Program funds to be used for activities that were eligible under the JARC Program, which focused on providing services to low-income individuals to access jobs.  This includes operating assistance with a 50 percent local match for job access and reverse commute activities.  In addition, the urbanized area formula for distributing funds now includes the number of low-income individuals as a factor.  There is no floor or ceiling on the amount of funds that can be spent on job access and reverse commute activities.