Construction Permits
Who needs a permit?
Why do I need a permit to work in the State highway Right-of-Way?
How do I determine the Right-of-Way width or type of Right-of-Way?
What will happen if I do not bother to get a permit?
Do I need a driveway permit in addition to a building permit?
Do I need a driveway permit for resurfacing and reconstruction?
Why are driveways regulated?
Do I need to be concerned about where the rainwater drains?
Do I need a permit for my mailbox?
Can I complete a paper application?
Will the department tell me what is required?
Do I need a bond/surety?
Is there a cost associated with obtaining a permit?
Do I have to have an email account?
Is a Construction Permit System (CPS) user manual available?
Can a contractor/consultant submit an application or notice on behalf of an applicant?
Will CPS disconnect a user from the program while you are entering information?
Can a consultant/contractor submit applications on behalf of the property/facility/sign owner?
Do I have to do anything else besides fill out the application online?
How do I know whether to select an Individual or Annual permit?
How do I obtain a permit to trim around my billboard?
If a contractor is going to be hired to do the work, but the contractor information is not known at the time of application submittal, can that information be added later?
How do I add attachments (drawings, etc) to my application?
Is there a limit to the number of attachments or number of versions of an attachment?
How do I find the Town, Range and Section?
How does bond and insurance information get entered into the system?
Why can I not proceed to the next screen?
Why can I not submit my draft application?
Should I create a new application if I get an error message when trying to access my draft application?
Can I be billed later for my permits?
What is the application fee used for?
How do I know to switch screens to make payments?
How do I know how much my application will cost?
How do I correct the amount owed for my application?
What do I do if I am a governmental agency (including tribal) yet am being charged a fee in CPS?
How do I pay for applications that show expired status in the MDOT Permit Gateway Shopping Cart?
How do I get reimbursed/refunded for selecting the wrong work type and paid the wrong amount?
How do I print a copy of my application?
How do I pay additional fees when an email is received saying there are additional fees?
How do I check the status of my application after it has been submitted?
How long does it take to process my permit?
How do I add attachments to my application after it has been submitted?
How do I revise my permit?
How do I revise and resubmit my application to address the TSC Construction Permit Staff's remarks?
Do I need to complete a new application if my application is placed on hold and I need to upload a plan sheet? It appears that I cannot edit my application.
How do I notify MDOT of route closure dates for an upcoming event (parades/festivals)?
How do I submit an Advanced Notice in CPS?
When I am entering the information required on an advance notice, how do I know how to find the Type of Right-of-Way?
Can a contractor/consultant or sub-contractor submit an Advance Notice?
How do I obtain a copy of my permit?
What do I do if I receive an error message when I try to print my permit and attachments?
How do I review my approved Advance Notice and attachments if I get an error message saying they are not supported or damaged?
How long is a permit good for?
What happens if an extension is not requested and the permit expires?