How do I add attachments (drawings, etc) to my application?

To add attachments, such as drawings, documents or site plans to an application, they must be uploaded to the application. If you are entering the information on your application, you may select the "Click here to upload the attachments if any" link at the bottom of the Site Info screen. Or select "Attachments- View/Add" from the left hand navigation bar. Only jpeg, pdf, and doc file extensions are accepted.

See Chapter 9 of the CPS Permit Applicant Guide which can be found on the Construction permits website (,1607,7-151-9623_26662_26679_27267_48606-182161--,00.html) or in the CPS Help link on the top of the screen in CPS.

If the attachment is not electronic, the document shall be scanned and uploaded to CPS. If you do not have scanning equipment, you may go to your local copy center (for example, Kinkos) and scan the necessary documents for electronic upload.