What is rideshare?
The sharing of rides or transportation, especially among commuters. Sharing the ride is a great option if you live more than 20 miles from work. It will save money, give you a break from driving, and save parking hassles. Your car and wallet will thank you, because you will be cutting down on fuel, maintenance and repair bills by leaving your car at home occasionally. You can sit back and chat with your new rideshare buddies. see Mi Commute for more information.

What is carpooling?
Carpooling uses private vehicles for shared travel. Costs, meeting points and other details are discussed and agreed on. Carpoolers then meet and carry out their shared trip(s) as planned. Carpooling is commonly used for commuting, but is also popular for longer leisure trips.

Carpooling reduces the costs involved in travel by dividing expenses such as fuel, parking fees, and car maintenance between the members of the carpool. Carpooling where the driving is shared can also decrease driving stress as each driver gets a break from being at the wheel.

If you are interested in carpooling, check into How do I get into a carpool or vanpool?
How do I get into a carpool or vanpool?

It's simple! First check the map to see if you are served by a Local Rideshare Office (LRO). All you have to do is call or e-mail your LRO. You provide home and work addresses, work hours, and a contact phone number. Your LRO representative will then send a match list of potential people interested in ridesharing who have similar commutes. If your area is not served by an LRO you can contact MichiVan-vRide at 1-800-VAN-RIDE (800-826-7433) or MichiVan-Enterprise at 1-800-VAN-4-WORK (800-826-4-9675) and learn about getting into a vanpool, or contact your local public transit agency to learn what type of service they provide that could meet your needs. Visit our list of Michigan public transit agencies.  

What do I do if I have an emergency?
To prevent you from being stranded at work, some Local Rideshare Offices (LROs) have a Guaranteed Ride Home (GRH) Program specially designed for their community. To use this service, you must be at work when the emergency or overtime occurs and registered with your LRO prior to the need. Contact your LRO for additional information about this reimbursement program.
If I am already in a carpool not set up through my Local Rideshare Office, how much does Guaranteed Ride Home cost?

There is never a charge to register with the Guaranteed Ride Home Program (GRH). But you do have to register in order to receive the reimbursement in the event of a work emergency. Simply call your Local Rideshare Office. A representative will ask a few questions, register you and send you GRH information.

I do not have a car, and there is no bus line near where I live. What can I do?

There are many commuters who would like to have you ride with them, but you would pay a little more because you are not sharing the driving. You would also not need a car to join a vanpool. Call your Local Rideshare Office and have a representative take your information and send you a match list. The list will tell you whether the person has a car or not, and you can discuss a carpooling arrangement with that person. We will send you tips on how to set up a successful carpool and vanpool.

Who can I contact at MDOT about ridesharing?
MDOT ridesharing contact:
Elaine Luo
Ph: 517-335-2552
What is vanpooling? What is MichiVan?

Traditional vanpooling consists of six or more passengers who share a ride in a private van or who lease a van on a month-to-month basis through the MichiVan Program. Volunteer drivers pick up others at specific points, drop them off at common sites, and return them to their pickup points at the end of each day. In exchange for driving, the volunteer driver rides for free. For the statewide MichiVan Program, the cost of the vanpool includes all operating, maintenance and insurance costs, which are divided equally among the riders in exchange for a guaranteed seat.

If you would like to file a complaint regarding a MichiVan incident, please report to RiseshareMI@ehi.com<mailto:RiseshareMI@ehi.com.