What if the system becomes electrically charged? Are there ways to mitigate this?

If the system becomes electrically charged, any unprotected person touching the system will be electrocuted. It is highly recommended that power supplies are kept away from median cable guardrail and that they are removed from the guardrail prior to maintenance operations.
There have been concerns about hybrid vehicles energizing median cable guardrail. This may have become a concern based on the high voltage wires located beneath hybrid vehicles. In hybrid vehicles, these wires are often only energized during acceleration and deceleration. If the vehicle is shut off during extraction, the electrocution risk should be minimal. Another option would be to remove the main fuse and cut both negative 12-volt battery cables. If there are system lights or indicators in the vehicle saying "READY," power is flowing through the vehicle and the risk of electrocution is present. A vehicle key may need to be removed 20 feet or more from the area in some keyless entry models.