How do we pull median cable guardrail off a vehicle? Is there special equipment needed?

Try removing the vehicle in the same path it took into the median cable guardrail. To create slack in the system, loosen the tension at the turnbuckles that connect the 1,000-foot cable segments. Removing additional posts also help to drop the tension in the system. As a last resort, cut the cable between two upright posts. Please note the following:

  1. Cutting the cables is a last resort and is only appropriate in life-threatening situations.
  2. During the recovery phase of an incident and if it is necessary to cut the cable(s), pre-authorization must be obtained from MDOT. We recommend cutting between two undamaged posts where the cables are parallel and not being subjected to multiple forces.
  3. We recommend that the cable be securely taped with duct tape or other tape on each side of where it will be cut to prevent unraveling.
  4. If the cables are tangled around a vehicle, lifting the cables out of the post may be appropriate. However, if you start to raise the cables and the post is lifted, stop and pull the post out of the way. Use extra caution and secure the post with a chain or restraining device as it may be under significant tension if the cables are twisted around a vehicle.
  5. Training is available from the manufacturer and will be provided with new installations.