General Questions About Public-Private Partnerships (P3s)

P3 projects are not new. Why wasn't MDOT doing this before now?
MDOT always has had an interest in doing this given the right project at the right time.

Why were these particular projects selected for the P3 process?
The selected projects are ones that exemplify MDOT's focus on extending the life of specific assets and saving money. The projects also are ones that provide opportunities to maintain assets that otherwise might need to be reduced, restricted or removed because of a lack of funding.

What kind of interest do you expect from the requests for letters of interest?
Since this isn't a new concept to the building industry, MDOT expects some interest, and a sufficient amount to ascertain the viability of each project. MDOT hopes that if these initial projects aren't viable in their current form, the input received will guide MDOT as to what changes need to be made.

If these P3 projects go forward, what kind of savings or improvements do you anticipate?
MDOT anticipates cost savings, energy savings and improved safety. The condition of these assets will be improved sooner than they could be if standard funding streams and traditional project methods were used.