Traffic Signals

What does a flashing yellow left-arrow signal mean?

You may have begun to notice a new style of left-turn signal on Michigan's roads. Placed over the left-turn lane at an intersection, this new signal display includes a flashing yellow arrow. In coming years, this type of signal will replace the flashing-red left-turn signals that are now common.

This signal displays four phases:

  • Red: STOP.
  • Steady yellow arrow: The left-turn signal is about to change to red; prepare to stop, or prepare to complete your left turn if you are within the intersection.
  • Flashing yellow arrow: left turns permitted. Yield to oncoming traffic and pedestrians. (Oncoming traffic has a green light.)
  • Green arrow: Safe to turn left. (Oncoming traffic must stop.)


See this signal's page for more information.
You also can see how the new signal works.View Video about MDOT's flashing yellow left-turn signal.