Logo Signs & Tourist-Oriented Signs

What is Logo Signing?

Logo Signing, officially known as Specific Service Signing, is a program offered by the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) that permits eligible businesses to place their logos on Specific Service Sign panels along interstate freeways. The logo signs are erected to help the traveling public locate key services. The program is being administered by Michigan Logos, Inc. under the supervision of MDOT.

Is Logo Signing different from Tourist Oriented Directional Signs (TODS)?
Yes, TODS and Logo Signing are different. TODS signs are found on state trunklines and state roads other than limited access highways. (mainly "M" routes) while Logo signs are found on freeways only. See this description of the differences between the programs.

Which businesses/services can participate in the Logo Signing program?
Only six services are included on the logo signs:

  • Gas
  • Food
  • Lodging
  • Camping
  • Pharmacy
  • Attractions

There are specific conditions concerning distance from the interchange, hours of operation, and services provided that each type of business must meet to be eligible for the program. Please contact Michigan Logos, Inc. at 1-888-645-6467 for rules of eligibility.

Can seasonal businesses participate?
Yes, but the signs must be covered or removed during those times the business is not in operation.

How can businesses be included on a Specific Service (Logo) Sign panel?
Businesses wishing to participate may contact Michigan Logos, Inc. at 1-888-645-6467. A representative of the company will explain the program, determine if the business meets all the eligibility criteria adopted by the Michigan Department of Transportation, and assist in filling out an application. If the written application is approved, the business will be notified in writing. A representative of Michigan Logos, Inc. will then follow up to help complete the Participation Agreement and other necessary paperwork.

How much does it cost ?
The lease fees for the program are as follows:

 - $850.00 per year, per direction. (Includes the rental fee for one (1) mainline sign and one (1) ramp sign.)
 - $100.00 per direction for removal, cover, or change of logo.

How large are the signs?  Where are they placed? Who maintains them?
All mainline logo signs are 48" wide by 36" high. All ramp logo signs are 24" wide by 18" high.
The sign panels are normally placed along the freeway within one mile in advance of the exit. They are placed in this order: attraction, pharmacy, camping, lodging, food, and fuel as observed in the direction of travel. Ramp panels are placed along the exit ramp.
All Specific Service Sign maintenance will be performed by Michigan Logos, Inc. (MLI) or its contractors.

Will all qualified businesses in the program be required to purchase ramp signs, as well as signs along the freeway?
Yes, with two (2) exceptions. To provide uniform signing to the motorist, all businesses will be required to have ramp signs unless there is limited room for signs along the ramp or the business is located at an A/B interchange. Where limited space exists, businesses readily visible from the ramp terminal will not be required to have ramp signs.

How will Michigan Logos, Inc. determine the placement of logos on the Specific Service Sign panel? What if more applications are received than there is space available?
The six (6) businesses closest to the exit in each service category will be given the first opportunity to participate. If a business chooses not to participate, the next closest business will be given the opportunity. On the sign, priority will be given to the businesses in each category which are closest to the exit, with the closest being in the top left position and subsequent businesses filling the panel horizontally.