Local Agency Programs
What is the role of Local Agency Programs in administering local road and bridge construction projects?
What if the work is estimated at $110,000 and bid but comes in under $100,000? How would the local agency meet the 90-day requirement?
Under what circumstances can work be done via force account if the estimate exceeds $100,000.
The guidance indicates approved non-competitive projects will be posted on MDOT's web site. Do you post projects that are bid but include some force account work?
The guidance indicates the proposed project must be included in the STIP. Does this apply to EDF projects?
Can local agencies split projects to avoid the $100,000 limit on non-competitive bid work?
The guidance indicates special projects that exceed the $100,000 limit may be submitted with justification by the local agency to LAP for concurrence and to FHWA for exemption approval. Does this process apply to EDF projects that are 100% state funded?
Under what circumstances can a local agency perform utility work, such as lighting?
Are there dollar limits on "Minor Utility Work" a local agency can perform?
Can utility companies subcontract work that is non-competitively bid, i.e. force account?
If the local agency owns the lights but the utility company wants to do the work and the estimate is under $100,000 can this be done under force account?
Is there a limit on the value of force account work a utility company can perform on behalf of a local agency?
Are retirement fees for old lights eligible participating costs?
Under what circumstances can a utility perform force account work?
If a local agency has a long term agreement with a contractor to do public work such as sidewalk installation and repair, landscaping, etc., can the work done by this contractor on behalf of the local agency be considered force account work?
If a local agency has a 20 year lease/maintenance agreement with a utility company that is in its 10th year, does this agreement have to be renegotiated to cover 20 years of life of the proposed project?