Bagley Avenue Pedestrian Bridge Art
Does every member of the design team have to be a Michigan resident? I am a Michigan resident, and my collaborative partner is a design professor out-of-state. Are we disqualified if the out-of-state partner is involved in this design effort?
Could we entertain the possibility of extending a mosaic out into the 3rd dimension and have it be vertical on the wall as well as reaching out into the planting area, either "planted" in the earth or just as very high relief?
If the wall project has to be relatively flat, what is the maximum depth allowed for the mosaic/ painted mural or ???
What is the substrate?
Can the wall project penetrate the wall and be visible on both sides of the wall?
Is the in-ground lighting to be completed before the artwork is installed or will the winning artist/team have a voice in how, where, what will be installed as lighting? This question applies to both locations.
We live in Boston, Massachusetts. As artists living in Massachusetts (not Michigan) are we eligible?
Since we are a team of two artists, can we submit 10 images each, for a total of twenty images between the two of us?
On page 2 it states that 10-20 images of recent work may be submitted. On Page 6 it states that no more than 10 work samples may be submitted. Which is the standard you are using. I would rather submit 10-20 images.
Are you looking for two different proposals, one for each site, and each in the amount of (sic) $50,000? Or can we combine the projects into a linked proposal in the amount of $100,000? We are considering a design1qz that would unify the two artworks.
For the artwork that will go on the wall, is that wall one-sided or two sided, in regards to the location for the artwork?
For the pedestals/seating art component, is the artist responsible for all aspects of the construction of these items: for example, the sitework? The forms? Or will these things be provided on site for the artist to then add their artwork to?
I understand you are not looking for a drawn proposal. However, is it appropriate that we submit a written description of the kind of artwork we envision?