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International Bridge
An average of 7,000 vehicles per day cross the International Bridge with as many as 10,000 crossing on a busy day.


Bridge Statistics

       Name: The Sault Ste. Marie International Bridge.
       Length: The Bridge structure itself is 1.8 miles long and from Customs to Customs is about 2 miles.
       Cost: $20,000,000 was financed primarily through revenue bonds and was paid September 1, 2000.
       Designer: Steinman, Boynton, Gronquist & London of New York.
       Construction: Started September 16, 1960. Opened to traffic October 31, 1962.
       Width: 28 foot roadway between curbs, providing 14 foot traffic lanes in each direction.
       Tolls: Current rates are available by following this link: Toll Rates
       Height: Roadway is 145 feet above ground level at its highest point.
       Clearance: Bridge has 124 feet minimum vertical clearance above low water in ship canals.
       Weight: 125,000 tons of which 114,000 tons are concrete and 11,000 tons are structural steel.
       Colors: Green & Ivory
       Speed: Maximum 30 miles per hour/50 kilometers per hour
       Maintenance: Approximately $1 million is spent annually for sandblasting and painting contracts.
       Annual Bridge Walk: There is an annual walk across the bridge that is open to the public each summer, scheduled near the Canadian Holiday of July 1st.