NBIS Recurrent Training

Upcoming Bridge Safety Inspection – Recurrent Training Opportunities

The National Bridge Inspection Standards (NBIS) requires each state to develop requirements for recurrent bridge safety inspection training.  Michigan has the following requirement for recurrent training in a 5 year period:

- NHI 130053 Bridge Inspection Refresher

- NHI 130078 Fracture Critical Inspection Techniques for Steel Bridges

- NHI-130091 Underwater Bridge Inspection


- 24 Hours of approved bridge safety inspection training

An approved list of bridge safety training is provided in Chapter 1 of the Michigan Structure Inspection Manual (MiSIM).  

As a reminder, there are several NHI Web Based training opportunities that count toward the hours of recurrent training:


NHI 130106 (A-C)               Bridge Preservation (Total of 11 hrs)

NHI 130109 (A-B)               Bridge Management (Total of 8 hrs)

NHI 135085                        Plan of Action (POA) (1hr)

NHI 135086                        Stream Stability Factors and Concepts Prerequisite (1hr)

NHI 135087                        Scour at Highway Bridges Prerequisite (1hr)

NHI 134108G                     Reading Bridge Plans (1.5hrs)

The bridge safety training requirements are verified annually for those individuals who have completed NBI bridge safety inspections during the annual review process.     

For any questions regarding Bridge Safety Inspection training please contact Allie Nadjarian, MDOT Bridge Inspection Program Manager at (517) 331-6602 or at MDOT-MiBRIDGE-Admin@michigan.gov