Inspection Timeliness Reports

  • Beginning April 2014 the inspection timeliness reports were enhanced to provide additional information. Each report is divided into 4 types of inspections:


    FHWA reviews timeliness for routine inspections by splitting the structures into two categories (Metric 6 - Lower Risk and Metric - 7 Higher Risk). Lower Risk structures are generally bridges that are in good to fair condition and not posted for load. Higher Risk structures are in poor condition and/or have a load posting. 

    Fracture Critical

    FHWA reviews the timeliness of fracture critical inspections. These inspections have a maximum frequency of 24 months.  


    FHWA reviews the timeliness of underwater inspections. These inspections are for structures that typically have water depths of 10 feet or greater and require a diver to determine the condition of the elements below the water.

    Fatigue Sensitive

    Fatigue sensitive inspections are a special inspection that MDOT performs of specific structures with fatigue prone details. These currently are not subject to FHWA timeliness reviews but could be considered an "Other, Special" inspection per FHWA.

    For each type of inspection the timeliness report will first list the quarterly summary. A monthly chart is also shown with the YTD Summary and Annual Goals listed. The FHWA snapshot and compliance criteria are shown at the bottom of the page and this is based on the year to date values.

    The final pages for each inspection inspection type include a list of the agencies and specific structures that were outside of the compliance criteria.

    The data is generated approximately 30 days after each quarter to improve the accuracy of the information.