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Dawn Miller
Incident Operations Engineer 
Michigan Department of Transportation  
Operations Field Services Building  
6333 Lansing Road  
Lansing, MI 48917  


Requested Training Date(s):
Select dates that are 4-6 weeks in advance of completing the training request form. We understand the need to be flexible and try to accommodate evening and weekend training dates if necessary.

Requested Training Time(s):
The course is a minimum of 4 hours in duration, please select a 4 hour block of time for the training date(s). We can work with you on breaking the training into 2 sessions.

Estimated number of participants:
The minimum number of participants for a 4 hour session is 15 and the maximum number is 50. The training is required to be multi-discipline. This means the training session cannot be all firefighters, all police officers, etc. It is very important to have at least two disciplines at the training for it to be successful, but don't stop at two- the more diversity the better. Remember to invite anyone who has a role in managing traffic incidents. For example: Fire, Police, EMS, Towing and recovery, Medical Examiners/Investigators, Public Works, Public Health, Dispatch and Communications, Department of Transportation, Emergency Management, etc.