Freeway Courtesy Patrol

  • Freeway Courtesy Patrol About the Freeway Courtesy Patrol

    The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) has expanded the use of the Freeway Courtesy Patrol (FCP) beyond Southeast Michigan to include select freeways in Livingston and Washtenaw counties, including US-23, I-96, I-94 and M-14. The FCP program is part of MDOT's larger freeway incident management system that is designed to improve motorist safety and reduce travel times.


    Assistance by FCP drivers includes:
    - servicing disabled vehicles by providing fuel, oil, and other system fluids;
    - clearing stranded vehicles and debris from driving lanes;
    - changing or inflating tires;
    - making minor mechanical repairs;
    - securing the area around your vehicle;
    - transporting motorists to a safe location;
    - providing cell phone assistance;
    - transporting stranded motorists;
    - and providing directions.


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