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Route County Local Name Parameters
I-96 Muskegon Seaway Dr US 31 to on ramp from Airport Rd
I-96BS Ionia Grand River Ave I-96 W to Kent St
I-196 Kent Gerald R Ford WB I-96/WB I-196 Split W to Kent/Ottawa Co Line
I 196BL Ottawa I 196BL I 196 to US 31
Ottawa Byron Rd I-196 W to 84TH Ave.
I-196BS Kent Chicago Dr SW Between ramp to WB196 and Clyde Park Ave
Kent Franklin St Grandville Ave to US131
Kent  Grandville Ave SW Clyde Park to Franklin St
Kent  N196/Chicago Exit 72 to Chicago Dr
I-296 Kent E I-96/S US131 Alpine Ave Exit 31A to I-196
I-296 Kent N US131/I-96 I-196 to W I-96
M 6 Kent Paul Henry Freeway (S. Beltline I-96 W to Kenowa
Ottawa Paul Henry Freeway (S Beltline Kenowa to I 196
M 11 Kent 28TH ST SE Division Ave to I-96
Kent  28TH ST SW Division Ave to Wilson Ave
Kent   Ironwood Rd NW Wilson Ave to 4 Mi. Rd
Kent   Wilson Ave NW Lake Mi. Dr to Ironwood/Remembrance Rd
Kent Wilson Ave SW Lake Mi. Dr to Wilson Ave
Ottawa Ironwood Dr 28TH Ave to Kenowa
Ottawa M 11 Kenowa to WB I 96
M 20 Mecosta 8 Mile Rd Newcosta E to US131
Mecosta Perry US131 E to Northland
Mecosta Northland Perry N to Maple
Mecosta Maple Northland E to 3RD
Mecosta 3RD Maple to Taft
Mecosta Taft Millpond to 180TH
Mecosta 180TH Taft to 15 Mile
Mecosta 15 Mile 180TH to 157TH
Mecosta 157TH 15 Mile to McKinley
Mecosta McKinley 157TH to 120TH
Mecosta 120TH McKinley to 11 Mile
Mecosta 11 Mile 120TH to 80TH (Mecosta)
Mecosta >Main 80TH to Cass
Mecosta Cass Main to E Mecosta Limit
Mecosta 70TH E Mecosta Limit E to 9 Mile Rd
Mecosta 9 Mile 70TH E to W County line
Newaygo 1 Mile Smith St E to M37
Newaygo Baseline Rd Catalpa E to Newcosta
Newaygo South St Smith W to W City Limit (Hesperia)
Oceana South St Division St (M120) W to Hesperia Village Limit
Oceana Hayes St W Hesperia Village Limit W to Oceana Dr
Oceana Stoney Lake Rd Oceana Dr W to Garfield Rd
Oceana Garfield Rd Garfield Rd W to US 31
Newaygo Newcosta Ave Baseline to 8 Mile
M 21 Ionia Bluewater Hwy Montcalm Ave E to Lincoln
Ionia E Bluewater Hwy Fourth St E to Hayden
Ionia Maple St Hayden E to the Maple River
Ionia E Bluewater Hwy From the Maple River E to Main St (Pewamo)
Ionia E Lincoln Lincoln St E to Fourth St
Kent E Fulton St E.Beltline W. to Cascade Rd
Kent E Main St SE West St to Montcalm Ave
Kent Fulton St E E Beltline E to West St (Lowell)
Kent W Fulton St Scribner St to Lake Mi. Dr
Kent Old M21/Chicago Dr I-196 to 8TH Ave
Kent W Fulton St E Beltline M37 to Cascade Rd
Old M 21 Ottawa Chicago Dr Kenowa to Main St (Zeeland)
M 37 Kent Alpine Ave NW 3 Mi to Old Alpine
Kent Broadmoor Ave SE M-11 28TH St S to Jasonville Rd
Kent Cherry Valley Ave SE Jasonville Rd to 108TH
Kent E Beltline Ave M11/28TH St to I-96
Muskegon Apple Ave M 37 N/M 46 Jct. S to Waterloo St (Casnovia)
Newaygo Jackson St Evergreen W to Woodbridge
Newaygo Evergreen Jackson S to N White Cloud Limit
Newaygo Mason Dr East St S to Grant N Limit
Newaygo Mason Dr S Grant Limit S to Moore Rd
Newaygo Maple Grant S Limit to N Limit
Newaygo Woodbridge Jackson N to 18 Mile Rd
Newaygo Adams Washington St (Newaygo) N to Main
Newaygo State Rd Main (Newaygo) N to Evergreen
M 44 Ionia Belding Rd Montcalm Ave E to Dumon
Ionia State St Dumon E to Hawley Hwy
Ionia Belding Rd Hawley Hwy E to State (M 66)
Kent Webber Webber N to Northland/ Plainfield Cutoff
Kent Belding Rd Wolverine to Montcalm Ave
Kent E Beltline I-96 N to Webber
Kent Northland Dr Northland/Plainfield Cutoff to Northland
Kent Wolverine Blvd Northland to Belding Rd
M 44 Conn Kent Plainfield I-96 N to Webber
M 45 Ottawa Lake Michigan Dr Ottawa/Kent Line to US 31
M 46 Kent 17 Mi Rd NW US131 to Kent City E Limit
Kent E State St NW E Kent City Limit to M37
Montcalm Howard City/ Edmore Rd Edgar Rd E to W Edmore Village Limit
Montcalm Edgar Rd W Edmore Village Limit W to US 131
Montcalm Main W Edmore Village Limit E to Neff Rd
Montcalm Howard City/Edmore Rd Neff Rd E to Gratiot County Line
Muskegon Apple Ave Waterloo St. (Casnovia) W to US 31BR Muskegon St
M 50 Ionia Jordan Lake W Lake Odessa Limit to E Lake Odessa Limit
Ionia Tupper Lake Tupper Lake W to Nash
Ionia Thompson Nash E to Kent/Ionia Co Line
Kent Alden Nash Ave I-96 to 92ND St
Kent 92ND St Alden Nash Ave to Ionia/Kent Co Line
Ionia Nash Tupper Lake E to Thompson
M 57 Kent 14 Mi. Rd US131 to Montcalm Ave
M 66 Mecosta 30TH Ave Meceola Rd S to Eisenhower Rd
Ionia Dexter St Grand River N to M 21
Ionia N State M 21 N to Bricker
Ionia S State Grand River to Eaton
M 82 Montcalm Howard City/Edmore Rd US 131 W to Newaygo County Line
Newaygo 48TH St Maple Island M120 E to Dewitt St ( Fremont)
Newaygo Main Dewitt E to Stewart St
Newaygo Stewart Main S to S Limit of Fremont
Newaygo Warner S Limit of Fremont to72ND/Warner Cutoff
Newaygo 72ND Warner Cutoff E to W Limit of Newaygo
Newaygo Fremont Newaygo W Limit to Curve
Newaygo Curve Fremont St W to State (M37)
Newaygo 82ND Mason (M37) E to Swan
Newaygo 88TH Swan E to County Line
M 91 Montcalm S Greenville Rd Bricker Rd N to S Greenville City Limit
Montcalm S Lafayette St Washington (M57) S to S Greenville City Limit
Montcalm N Lafayette St Washington (M57) N to Greenville West
Montcalm County Road 506 Greenville West N to N Greenville City Limit
Montcalm N Greenville Rd N Greenville City Limit N to Howard City/Edmore Rd (M46)
M 104 Ottawa Cleveland St Fruitport Rd to WB on ramp for WB I 96
Ottawa Savidge St Fruitport Rd to W end of bridge over channel to Spring Lake
M 120 Muskegon Holton Rd Whitehall Rd E to Maple Island Rd
Muskegon Maple Island Rd Maple Island to 48TH Ave (M82)
Muskegon Veterans Memorial Holton Rd W to bridge over channel to Muskegon River
Newaygo Maple Island 48TH (M82) N to Sunset (Hesperia)
Newaygo Division St Sunset N to South St (M20)
US 31 Ottawa Beacon Blvd Robbins Rd N to Bascule Bridge
US 31BR Muskegon Colby Rd US 31 W to Thompson (Whitehall)
Muskegon Muskegon Ave Grand St N to Pine St
Muskegon Webster Ave Pine St S to Grand
Muskegon Fruitvale Rd US 31 W to Whitehall Rd
Muskegon Seaway Dr On ramp from Airport Rd N to Grand
Muskegon Thompson St Colby Rd N to bridge over White River
Muskegon Dowling St Bridge over White River to Water St
Muskegon Water St Dowling St N to Eilers St
Muskegon Whitehall Rd Eilers St N to Fruitvale Rd
Oceana Polk Rd US 31 E to Oceana Dr
Oceana N State St Polk Rd N to Johnson St
Oceana Monroe Rd US 31 W to 6TH St
Oceana 6TH St Monroe Rd N to Hancock St
Oceana Hancock St 6TH St N to Hogan St
Oceana Pere Marquette Hwy Hogan St N to US 31
Old US 31 Oceana Oceana Dr Skeels Rd N to McKinley Rd
Oceana S Michigan Ave McKinley N to Wilke Rd
Oceana Oceana Dr Wilke Rd N to Yale Rd
Oceana 1ST St Yale Rd N to N New Era Village Limit
Oceana Oceana Dr N New Era Village Limit N to S Shelby Village Limit
Oceana State St S Shelby Village Limit north to N Shelby Village Limit
Oceana Oceana Dr N Shelby Village Limit north to NB US 31
US 131 Kent I 296 I 196 N to WB 96
Mecosta M 20 8 Mile Rd N to Perry
Mecosta US 131 Eisenhower N to Meceola
Montcalm US 131 22 Mile Rd N to Eisenhower Rd
US 131BR Kent Division Coldbrook to Oakes
Kent Division/S US 131 Ramp Coldbrook to Oakes to SB US 131 Ramp
Kent Leonard St US 131 to Plainfield
Kent Oakes St SW Division to US 131 SB Ramp
Kent Plainfield Ave Leonard to Coldbrook
Mecosta 19 Mile Rd US 131 E to Northland
Old US 131 Mecosta Northland Meceola Rd S to Morley Village Limit
Mecosta Cass N Morley Village Limit to S Morley Village Limit
Mecosta Northland S Morley Limit S to Eisenhower
Mecosta M 20 Perry N to Maple
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