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County Route Local name Parameters
Macomb I-94 James O'Hara Freeway from Vernier Road to County Line Road
M-3 Gratiot Avenue from Eight Mile Road to 23 Mile Road
M-19 Main Street from Memphis city limit to St. Clair County Line
M-19 Memphis Ridge Road from 33 Mile Road to Memphis city limit
M-19 New Haven Road from I-94 to Gratiot Avenue
M-19 Gratiot from New Haven Road to Main Street
M-19 Main Street from Gratiot Avenue to 33 Mile Road
M-29 23 Mile Road from Gratiot Avenue to Jefferson Avenue
M-29 Green Street from Jefferson Avenue to St. Clair County Line
M-53 Van Dyke Road from Lapeer County Line to 34 Mile Road
M-53 POI/MIA Freeway from 27 Mile Road to 34 Mile Road
M-53 Christopher Columbus Freeway from 18 Mile Road to 27 Mile Road
M-59 Hall Road from Cass to M-3
M-59 Rosso Highway from M-3 to I-94
Macomb/Wayne M-53 Van Dyke Avenue from 18 Mile Road to Gratiot Avenue
M-97 Groesbeck Avenue from Gratiot to M-59
Oakland I-75 Business Loop Square Lake Road from I-75 to Woodward Avenue
I-75 Business Loop Perry Street from Woodward Avenue to Walton Boulevard
M-5 Grand River Avenue from Purdue Street to Eight Mile Road
M-10 Northwestern Highway from US-24 to Orchard Lake Road
M-15 Ortonville Road from Genesee County Line to US-24
M-24 Lapeer Road from Lapeer County Line to Opdyke Road
M-59 Highland Road from Livingston County Line to Elizabeth Lake Road
M-59 Huron Street from  Elizabeth Lake Road to Paddock Street
M-59 None from Paddock Street to Cass
M-150 Rochester Road from Tienken Road to M-59
US-24 Dixie Highway from Telegraph Road to I-75
US-24 Business Route Cesar Chavez Drive from Oakland Avenue to Woodward Avenue
US-24 Business Route Square Lake Road from Woodward Avenue to US-24
US-24 Business Route Oakland Avenue from Woodward Avenue to Square Lake Road
US-24 Business Route Cass Avenue (southbound only) from Montcalm Avenue to Woodward Avenue
US-24 Business Route and I-75 Business Loop Woodward Avenue from Square Lake Road to around Pontiac Loop
Oakland/Macomb I-696 Walter P. Ruether Freeway from I-275/I-96 to I-94
St. Clair I-69 Dewayne T. Williams Freeway from I-94 to Genesee County Line
I-94 James O'Hara Freeway from County Line Road to M-25
I-94 Business Loop Huron Avenue from Glenwood Street to Black River Road
I-94 Business Loop Military Street from Black River Road to Gratiot Avenue
M-19 Brockway Road from the Sanilac County Line to north Yale city limit
M-19 Main Street from north Yale city limit to south Yale city limit
M-19 Wilkes Road from Emmett Road to Brockway Road
M-19 Emmett Road from north Emmett city limit to Wilkes Road
M-19 Main Street from north Emmett city limit to south Emmett city limit
M-19 Kinney Road from north Memphis city limit to south Emmett city limit
M-19 Main Street from Macomb County Line to north Memphis city limit
M-25 Lakeshore Road from Sanilac County Line to Carrigan Road
M-25 24th Avenue from Carrigan Road to Pine Grove Avenue
M-25 Pine Grove Avenue from 24th Avenue to Glenwood Street
M-29 Dixie Highway from Palms Road to St. Clair County Line
M-29 Point Aux Tremble Road from Palms Road to south Algonac city limit
M-29 St. Clair River Drive from north Algonac city limit to south Algonac city limit
M-29 River Road from north Algonac city limit to south Marine City city limit
M-29 Parker Road from Pine River Road to Chartier
M-29 Main Street from north Marine City city limit to Pine River Road
M-29 River Road from north Marine City city limit to south Marine City city limit
M-29 Oakland Avenue from Pine River Road to south St. Clair city limit
M-29 Riverside Avenue from north St. Clair city limit to Pine River Road
M-29 River Road from Davis Road to north St. Clair city limit
M-29 Busha Highway from Gratiot Avenue to Davis Road
M-136 Pine Grove from M-25 to Keewahdin Road
M-136 Keewahdin Road from Pine Grove to North Road
M-136 North Road from Keewahdin Road to Beard Road
M-136 Beard Road from North Road to Glyshaw Road
M-136 Glyshaw Road from Beard Road to Avoca Road
M-136 Avoca Road from Glyshaw Road to M-19
M-154 (Harsens Island) South Channel Drive from LaCroix Road to Clays Landing
M-154 (Harsens Island) LaCroix Road from Columbine Road to South Channel Drive
M-154 (Harsens Island) Columbine Road from North Channel Drive to LaCroix Road
M-154 (Harsens Island) North Channel Drive from Columbine Road to Middle Channel Drive
M-154 (Harsens Island) Middle Channel Drive from Cottage Lane Road to end
Wayne I-75 Detroit-Toledo Expressway from Monroe County Line to M-39
I-75 Fisher Freeway from M-39 to I-375 interchange
I-94 Detroit Industrial Expressway from Washtenaw County line to Wyoming Avenue
I-94 Edsel Ford Freeway from Wyoming Avenue to Vernier Road
I-96 Rosa Parks Freeway from I-75 to I-94
I-96 Jeffries Freeway from I-94 to I-275
M-3 Gratiot Avenue from Randolph Street to Eight Mile Road
M-3 Randolph from Jefferson Avenue to Gratiot Avenue
M-3 Fort Street from West Grand Boulevard to Woodward Avenue
M-5 Grand River Avenue from Eight Mile Road to US-12
M-8 Davison Freeway from Twelfth to Conant
Old M-14 Ann Arbor Road from Napier Road to Plymouth Road
Old M-14 Plymouth Road from Ann Arbor Road to Hazelton Street
M-39 Southfield Road from Lafayette Street to I-94
M-85 Fort Street from I-75 to West Grand Boulevard
M-102 Vernier Road from I-94 to Kelly Road
M-153 Ford Road from M-14 to Weir Street
US-12 Michigan Avenue from Rawsonville Road to Washington Boulevard
Wayne/Oakland I-75 Chrysler Freeway from I-375 to Genesee County Line
I-96/I-275 None from M-14 to I-696
M-1 Woodward Avenue from Adams Street to Square Lake Road
M-10 John C. Lodge Freeway from Jefferson Avenue to US-24
M-39 Southfield Freeway from I-94 to M-10
M-102 Eight Mile Road from Kelly Road to M-5
US-24 Telegraph Road from Monroe County Line to Dixie Highway
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