International Bridge Administration (IBA) prepares for 50th anniversary celebration

April 3, 2012 -- Cold and windy weather last week didn't stop International Bridge Administration (IBA) employees from getting a head start on the installation of red and white rope light strands on the Canadian arch portion of the bridge as part of the 50th anniversary celebration this year.

IBA prepares for 50th anniversary celebration

This photo shows a strand of red lights that were lit temporarily to verify proper operation. Test strands of red, white and blue lights have been up on the U.S. arch portion for nearly a year. IBA staff will be installing the lights on the full length of the U.S. and Canadian curved arch trusses to match the decorative concept chosen by the public last fall via a public voting Web site set up by the IBA. A June 28th anniversary community lighting event is being planned with fireworks display to follow.